Manufacturing industry

Hydraulic presses, casting machines, openers, plastic injection machines and plastic processing and paurionite are among the hydraulic applications used in the manufacturing industry. Food processing: In this industry, paper pulp must pass through the rollers and the most important hydraulic and pneumatic is the adjustment of the rollers. Automotive: hydraulic wedge and hydraulic steering and

Construction Machinery industry

There are always two ways to save money and plan according to the schedule of different projects, and choosing the type of machinery and their maintenance and maintenance for different jobs has a direct impact on project execution time and cost. Among the most commonly used road construction machinery are: * Grader* Excavator* loader* Cranes* Bulldozer* Track (Truck Mixer, Track Trap)* Roller

Steel industry

In steel mills and rolling mills, many movements such as moving and rotating the cooling bed, changing the angle of the mechanisms, adjusting the rollers, and so on. They can be done just by pressing a key or by central control systems using the accuracy and power of hydraulic systems. Power, precision along with control