HydroAzma company has established with the aim of creating the specialized center for testing and repair of various types of hydraulic equipment such as pumps, motors and hydraulic valves, along with the necessary principles and standards. We (Hydroazma) are trying to improve the quality of services and assure our customers by providing appropriate and standards environmental conditions, along with specialized personnel and continuous learning.


support unit - HydroAzma support unit          NO 181 , Vahedi Complex, Azizi Street, 17 Shahrivar Street, ShadAbad, Tehran, Iran

Testing and sales consulting - hydroazma Testing and sales consulting               021-66154024     –      021-66153928

send Message - HydroAzma send Message      m.seyedinasab@hydroazma.ir  –   hydroazma.ir/contact-us                                         

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