Hydraulic training


Valves (Hydraulic System Controller Components)

Fluid energy is controlled by control devices called so-called milk. Milk is divided into three main categories in terms of performance:

1. Directional control valves

2. Pressure control valves

3. Flow control valves

Depending on the type of stimulation of the milk, the following types are offered:

1. Manual stimulation

2. Excitation by fluid pressure directly or through the control circuit

3. Cellular Stimulation

4. Mechanical or cam stimulation

5. Air stimulation

Directional control valves

One way milk

One-way valve triggering command line

Two way valves

Multi-way valves

Maccio valves

Pressure control valve

Pressure control valves

  1. Simple assurance milk
  2. Combined assurance valve
  3. Pressure reducing valve
  4. Unloading milk
  1. Balancing milk
  2. Sequential milk
  3. Pressure switches

Flow control valves

They are divided into two categories:

1- No compensation system

2- With compensation system

Types of flow control valves:

1- Pressure control valve with pressure compensation system

2- Flow control valve with temperature and viscosity compensation system

3. Milk with preference flow system

4- Speed ​​reducing valves

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