Design and manufacture of PowerPack with specifications and capabilities for micro TBM device

Hydraulic power packs usually play a significant role in hydraulic systems. And industries use several hydraulic power packs to implement their projects to give other products the power they need.

Hydraulic systems or any system that wants to perform an activity usually need a power or a source that provides the power needed for the activity. In hydraulic systems, this source of power hydraulic power pack یا Provides hydraulic unit .

Micro TBM device specifications

  • Electric motor power 55kw
  • Ability to control flow and pressure
  • Has a cooling system
  • Maximum system operating pressure 420bar
  • Equipped with a filtration circuit
  • The volume of the tank is 600 liters

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Sale price and cost of design and construction of hydraulic unit or hydraulic power pack Contact us for more information.

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