Repair of hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and hydraulic valve

Hydroazma company is a specialized center for hydraulic repair in the field of hydraulic system equipment, including piston pumps, hydraulic motors, and solenoid valves from different brands, including:

Rexroth, Linde, Kawasaki, Komatsu, Denison, Parker, Brueninghaus, Caterpillar, Sauer Danfoss , Vickers (Vickers), Eaton , Liebherr and so on.

Equipment repair procedures

At the beginning of the hydraulic equipment entry into the workshop, a file will be created and a code is assigned to the equipment and it’ll be wash with the machine if needed. It is then transported to the test and adjustment unit if needed and if it’s needed to be repaired the equipment is taken to the relevant technical unit for initial troubleshooting.

After disassembly and thoroughly reviewing the components and initial troubleshooting, the Hydroazma experts will provide the customer with the relevant report to start the repair process if they so agree. After repair and troubleshooting, the hydraulic equipments are assembled and tested for correct performance and efficiency.

At the time of testing and adjustment we take photographs and videos of the test procedure and the related data will be recorded online. Upon completion, the hydraulic equipment will be packed and test report will be delivered to customer along with relevant charts including volumetric efficiency diagram at the pressures tested.

 Services of Hydroazma Company

Hydroazma company is able to provide restoration and repair services of all kinds of hydraulic equipment with the help of its experienced experts, some of which are mentioned below:

  1. Types of piston, gear, vane pumps
  2. Types of hydraulic motors radial piston, axial piston, gear, vane
  3. Types of proportional valves, direction control, pressure control, flow control and cartridge valves

Features and equipments of HydroAzma Company include dynamic testing of hydraulic equipment, lathe, lapping machine, column drill, automatic washing device and more.

To contact the technical expert of professional solenoid valve and servo repair

In the following, examples of repairs and tests carried out by the experts of Hydroazma company will be given to familiarize with the repair and test method.

Denison hydraulic pump repair