What is a check valve or one-way valve?

What is a check valve or one-way valve?

The one-way valve is also called check valve or automatic valve or non-return valve. Functionally, these valves are produced in two general types: one-way valve (hinged) and one-way valve. The one-way valve has two openings, one opening is the inlet and the other is the outlet. Check valves are available with materials such as brass, cast iron, steel, steel, nickel, aluminum, bronze and various rubber and plastic alloys in the following models:

  • Plastic check valve
  • Valve check valve
  • Pneumatic check valve
  • Water one-way valve
  • Polyethylene one-way valve
  • Air one-way valve
  • Air pump one-way valve
  • Polymer one-way valve
  • Valve One-way water pump
  • Dual one-way valve
  • Tesla one-way valve
  • Brass one-way valve


One-way valves or check valves are available in various categories and classes in terms of application and pressure tolerance, and are designed and implemented with various materials.

Use of one-way valve

  • Power plant industries
  • Agriculture
  • Sewage
  • Engine house
  • Water treatment plant
  • Usage Industrial
  • Building facilities
  • Air transmission systems

Types of one-way valve or automatic valve

  • Valve or hinged one-way valve
  • Wafer one-way valve
  • One-way valve Valve side
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