Construction machinery industry

There are always two ways to save money and plan according to the schedule of different projects, and choosing the type of machinery and their maintenance and maintenance for different jobs has a direct impact on project execution time and cost. Among the most commonly used road construction machinery are:

  •  Grader
  •  Excavator
  •  loader
  •  Cranes
  •  Bulldozer
  •  Track (Truck Mixer, Track Trap)
  •  Roller bearings
  • And . . .

Volvo, Caterpillar, Komatsu and others are among the leading brands in the production of these machines.


The grader is used to adjust the slope and shape of the slopes, leveling the range of embankments, excavators, atmospheric excavation, mixing and dispersing of mixtures of bitumen and soil.

It is used as snow cover during snowfall and is used to clear the ground and remove loose layers.

If to repair and maintain the hydraulic system Be careful, the cost of projects is significantly reduced.


The excavator is a heavy-duty construction and engineering machine that includes articulated arm (mast and steak), bucket and cab (firo) at the top and chains or tires below. This is an upgraded steam shovel machine.

Features of this machine include mounting a hammock (chainsaw) which is very popular and installing drill, rocket, metal scissors, hooks, grap and other equipment. Installing a hydraulic or pneumatic hammer instead of a bucket allows this device to destroy rock or concrete surfaces and volumes that, for some reason, cannot be destroyed by explosives or compressors by a combination of these two devices (shovel and hammer).


LOADER is one of the most used construction and construction machinery. This is in two kinds of rubber and chain wheels. Many companies, including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo, Hitachi, Hyundai and Kawasaki, are involved in the manufacture of loaders.

Built in different sizes, this machine is capable of doing things because of the high performance and flexibility of the hydraulic system. Loaders have many uses, some of which are: creating dams, digging basements, filling ditches, ditching pipes, loading trucks, transporting concrete to molds and lifting and transporting construction materials.

The loader can be fitted with a variety of attachments such as snow remover, canal, pipe, transition pipe and lift crane and other applications.

Mini Loader

A mini loader is excellent for any projects that involve earthmoving or levelling soil, and when there’s narrow access that an excavator or skid steer can’t get through.

The mini loader is a bit different to a skid steer or excavator as you stand on the back of the machine instead of sit.

Mobile cranes (machine)

The Mobile Crane is a crane controlled by powerful hydraulic jacks.

This type of crane is mounted on the truck by crawlers or by rubber tires (Rubber-Tired Carriers).


The bulldozer is used as a means of excavating soil and transporting it to a temporary depot or filling pits and leveling roads and roads.

The front has a blade that may be cable or hydraulic to move up or down at a specified angle.

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