Parker Denison T6c hydraulic vane pump

Denison vane pump (in English Denison Vane Pump) or Denison hydraulic pump, in High pressure hydraulic system is very practical in Iran. in many different devices such as plastic injection machine and The rolling mills and presses that entered Iran came with the French Dennison Packer pump.

Hydraulic pump is considered as a supplier of hydraulic energy that They are connected and work with electric and diesel engines. Dennison Packer hydraulic pumps are designed for high pressure systems and are known as pumps with high efficiency and durability. It has a maximum speed of three thousand rounds, which is a unique feature of this series of pumps.

Denison cartridge pump application

Denison cartridge pumps are one of the types of cartridge pumps that are used in industry and road construction (hydraulic mobiles) that are used in various devices such as plastic injection, PET, etc. in industry and machines such as Loader, scraper, bulldozer, backhoe, garbage collector, etc. are used.

Denison cartridges have a higher pressure tolerance, which is mostly used in road construction.

Denison vane-pump advantage

Denison high pressure cartridge pumps, in addition to being quiet, can withstand high pressure, which is why they are widely used in the industry.

  1. Ability to work at low engine speeds suitable for servo systems
  2. They have very high efficiency because they have very little internal leakage
  3. Resistant against dirty particles inside the oil and non-viscous oil
  4. Denison Parker’s after-sales service of cartridge pump has caused their huge consumption in the industry.

Denison vane hydraulic pump models for sale

  • T6E
  • T6D
  • T7E
  • Double T6cc

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product technical specifications

Product NameHydraulic vane pump
Technical numberT6C-022-3R00-B1
Country of manufactureFrance
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Product StatusNew
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