Flow divider JAHNS Hydraulik

JAHNS Hydraulik is one of the well-known manufacturers in the field of hydraulic fluid divider. In normal use you have the choice of dividing the current into 2 or 4 equal outputs. Of course, for special modes, up to 16 outputs can also be made. The noteworthy point is the accuracy of the output or the current division error. If compliance with the standard is included in the selection and proper application, it is possible to reach an accuracy of over 97%. This accuracy limit is considered a very favorable range for use in a wide range of coordinated movement of hydraulic jacks and hydraulic motors.

There are two types of hydraulic flow dividers: valve and gear flow dividers. The criteria for choosing each one can be based on the flow rate of the oil, the number of outputs and the accuracy required.

Product technical specifications

Product nameFlow divider
product brandJAHNS Hydraulik
country of manufactureGerman
technical numberMTO-2-14AVB
price listinquiry
Condition of goodsused
Catalog download linkcatalog
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