Rexroth 4/2 4WE6 Directional Control Valve

This valve has two positions and four ports. The 4/2 direction control hydraulic valve has two outlet openings a and b and a discharge opening t. This valve is open in the stationary state of ports p to b and a to t, and it is connected to a and b to t by stimulating the valve p to a and b to t.

Product technical specifications

Product namedirectional control valve 4/2
product brandRexroth
technical number4WE6D62/EG24N9K4
country of manufactureGerman
price listinquiry
Condition of goodsused
Catalog download linkcatalog
Sizing and flow rateSize10….6x….3/8….120Lpm
Maximum pressureSize10….315bar
Product symbol or plate

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