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with the aim of creating a specialized service center such as designing and manufacturing hydraulic units, conducting preliminary and advanced courses in industrial hydraulics, installing and operating hydraulic equipment, buying and selling hydraulic parts, testing and repairing all types of hydraulic equipment (such as pumps, hydraulic motors and solenoid valves) along with Compliance with the necessary principles and standards has been established. And by providing suitable and standard environmental conditions along with expert personnel and continuous training, it has tried to increase the quality of services and create confidence for its customers.

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HydroAzma company is a specialized center for testing, adjusting and repairing hydraulic equipment, selling hydraulic parts, holding hydraulic courses, designing and manufacturing hydraulic units, and providing consulting in the field of setting up hydraulic circuits.

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Phone : +9821-66154024+9821-66153928

Address : NO181, Vahedi Complex, Azizi Street, 17Shahrivar Street, ShadAbad, Tehran, Iran

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Postal code : 1371857911

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