Proportional Valve

What is proportional hydraulic valve?

Proportional valve (proportional valve in English) or hydraulic proportional valve are powerful valves that are used to adjust the parameters of pressure, speed, flow and flow of the system. This valve is mostly used inside the system when there are strong fluctuations in flow and pressure and it is not possible to control it every moment by human power. Therefore, this valve can create all the expected outputs for the hydraulic system with a precise program.

The reason for naming these valves as proportional valves is that in these types of valves, the change of the output fluid flow is not linear according to the input electric current. Proportional hydraulic valve, like other types of hydraulic valves, is required to control the hydraulic fluid according to the design conditions; Of course, it should be noted that proportional hydraulic valves have a very precise control of flow rate or pressure. The proportional hydraulic valve is similar to electric valves in terms of how it is stimulated, because every hydraulic proportional valve has an electronic circuit like an electric valve, although the difference is that the hydraulic proportional valve is a more advanced example of an electric valve and, for example, it is able to control the valve core. keep it in a state between open and closed and have a very precise control of the output flow and pressure. The system and technology used in professional hydraulic valve is very advanced and this factor has caused these valves to have a higher price than other valves, but high speed and accuracy are the advantages of these valves.

Types of proportional hydraulic valves

  • Direction control proportional valve
  • Proportional pressure control valve
  • Proportional flow control valve
  • How the proportional hydraulic valve works

In proportional hydraulic direction control valve, according to the change of input voltage of the valve, in addition to fluid direction control, speed control is also done, and in this way, the movement of the actuators is controlled and the start and end of the jack movement occurs slowly. In the pressure control propellant valve, pressure adjustment is done with much higher accuracy than normal hydraulic valves. In the field of proportional hydraulic flow control valve, it can also be said that the control of the output flow rate is done with very high accuracy.

Schematic symbol of proportional hydraulic valve

The main components of the proportional hydraulic valve

  • Spool and spring
  • Solenoid or bobbin
  • Controller card


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