Vickers piston pump

Vickers piston pump

The Vickers piston pump is designed and manufactured by the Eaton Vickers company of America, and this company is one of the most reliable names in the hydraulic industry. These pumps are designed and manufactured for medium and high hydraulic pressures.

Vickers piston pump is one of the most high-quality types of hydraulic pumps. Periodic services, maintenance and repair of this hydraulic pump are of particular importance in any hydraulic system and help the health and longevity of the pump a lot.

Types of Vickers piston pumps

Vickers hydraulic piston pumps are divided into different categories in terms of performance.

Vickers piston pump is offered in PVB – PVQ – PVH – PVM – PVW – PVR – PVX shells, which you can find out about the volumetric displacements of each by referring to the Vickers pump catalog.

This series of Eaton Vickers variable flow hydraulic pumps with high efficiency at high pressures, very low noise, are used in most industrial devices and hydraulic units.

Vickers PVH piston pump technical specifications

Note that the Vickers PVB pump is used to provide a variable flow rate in the hydraulic system.

Using categories and filtering pumps, choose the right hydraulic pump for the hydraulic system according to ((flow and pressure and installation method)) and purchase the hydraulic system pump.

Hydraulic pumps are divided based on the amount of fluid displacement per revolution in units of cc per revolution (cc/min), which according to the rotation speed of the electric motor or diesel generator coupled with the pump, the output is defined in liters per minute (L/min). PVB series pump has sizes 5-6-10-15-20-29-45 and 90.

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