Introduction of Linde Hydraulics Company

Introduction of Linde Hydraulics Company and products

Linde company was founded in 1904 by Mr. Carl Van Linde. In 1955, the hydrostatic system was invented by this company, and in 1960, the first forklift using the hydrostatic system was produced. The first electric forklift of this company was introduced to the market in 1971. Linde is now present in more than 100 countries with about 700 sales centers and after-sales services. The production and assembly lines of this factory are located in countries such as Germany, France, Czech Republic, America and China.

Linde Hydraulic Company develops, manufactures and supplies modular drive systems including hydraulics, power transmission and electronics worldwide. Linde’s systems, pioneering high-pressure hydraulic technology, have a significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Linde Company Products

Linde pump

Fixed and variable flow pump types of hydraulic system

  • Lindeh piston pump
  • Lindeh gear pump
  • Lindeh vane pump

Linde hydraulic motor

types of fixed flow hydromotor and variable flow hydraulic system

  • Gear hydraulic motor Linde
  • Piston hydraulic motor Linde
  • Radial hydraulic motor Linde
  • Gyrotor (orbital) hydraulic motor Linde)

Linde control valve

Lindeh company, all kinds of hydraulic valves

  • Direction control
  • Pressure control
  • Flow control

It has produced in different sizes and different installation methods.

Lindeh company has all kinds of pumps and hydraulic motors, valves, electronic controls and peripheral devices.

Linde is a development partner and supplier to a number of reputable machinery manufacturers, including construction, mining, agricultural, forestry and municipal machinery, as well as industrial machinery manufacturers.

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