Familiarity with the brand of Eaton and introduction of the products of Eaton

It all started in 1911 with Joseph Eaton. At a time when transportation was on the verge of dramatic change, he invested in the initial idea, giving the first truck. More than 100 years later, when we have undergone a dramatic change, but we are still committed to his spirit of innovation.

Over the years, we have also expanded our portfolio of products, services and systems by merging the qualifications of some of the world’s most reputable names in Eaton to build a brand that meets the toughest power management challenges. Trust it. At Eaton, using reliable energy management technologies, people are committed to working, safe and sustainable to improve their lives and the environment. It is a power management company with more than 92,000 employees and trades in more than 175 countries.

Eaton products

1. Eaton pump

Types of fixed flow pumps and variable flow hydraulic systems

  • Eaton piston pump
  • Eaton gear pump
  • Eaton vane pump

2. Eaton hydraulic motor

Types of fixed flow hydraulic motors and variable flow hydraulic systems

  • Eaton hydraulic motors
  • Eaton piston hydraulics
  • Eaton vane hydraulics

3. Eaton control valve

Eaton Valves Company

  • Direction control
  • Pressure control
  • Flow control
  • Proportional control

has produced in different sizes and different installation methods.

Eaton site link: https://www.eaton.com