Representation of Linde Hydraulic Company in Germany

with the aim of creating a specialized service center such as designing and manufacturing hydraulic units, conducting preliminary and advanced courses in industrial hydraulics, installing and operating hydraulic equipment, buying and selling hydraulic parts, testing and repairing all types of hydraulic equipment (such as pumps, hydraulic motors and solenoid valves) along with Compliance with the necessary principles and standards has been established. And by providing suitable and standard environmental conditions along with expert personnel and continuous training, it has tried to increase the quality of services and create confidence for its customers.

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Representation of Linde Hydraulic Company in Germany

Linde company was founded in 1904 by Mr. Carl van Linde. In 1955, the hydrostatic system was invented by this company, and in 1960, the first forklift using the hydrostatic system was produced. The first electric forklift of this company was introduced to the market in 1971. Linde is now present in more than 100 countries with about 700 sales centers and after-sales services. The production and assembly lines of this factory are located in countries such as Germany, France, Czech Republic, America and China.

Linde Hydraulic Company develops, manufactures and supplies modular drive systems including hydraulics, power transmission and electronics all over the world. The systems produced by Linde, one of the technological pioneers in the field of high-pressure hydraulics, have a standard in terms of significantly reducing fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions.
The range of Linde products includes pumps and hydraulic motors, valves, electronic controls and peripheral devices. Linde is a development partner and supplier to a number of reputable machinery manufacturers, including construction, mining, agricultural, forestry and urban machinery, as well as industrial machinery manufacturers.

Hydroazma company is the official after-sales service representative of German Linde Hydraulics in Iran


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