Mining industry

With the aim of creating a specialized hydraulic engineering center with the following topics:

  1. Design and manufacture of hydraulic unit (power pack)
  2. Conducting hydraulic training courses
  3. Hydraulic equipment testing and adjustment services
  4. Supply of hydraulic equipment
  5. Consulting hydraulic systems
  6. Updating hydraulic systems


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Mining Industry

Hydraulic systems in the mining industry are widely used in a variety of applications. Hydraulic systems are one of the most important elements of mines.

Hydraulic systems and components are used in a variety of equipment such as drills, conveyors, loaders, rock bolters and crushers.

Among the hydraulic equipment in the mining industry, the following can be mentioned:

  • Hydraulic mineral processing equipment
  • Mineral equipment hydraulic crusher
  • Hydraulic mining equipment
  • Hydraulic crushing mineral equipment
  • Hydraulic display mining equipment
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