Rexroth hydraulic motor

Rexroot hydraulic motor

Hydraulic motors are built for increased power and performance. The Rexroot hydraulic motor is a clear example of performing these two parameters.
There is one truth for all industries and applications: the ever-increasing need for faster, more reliable, high-quality production. This puts industrial hydraulic drives in the spotlight.

In order for the processes to be most efficient, it is necessary to control the speed and torque in relation to the process.

It determines your production efficiency and has a significant impact on quality, efficiency, controllability and reliability.

It can also help save your business unnecessary costs in terms of energy consumption and product life cycle.

Bosch Rexroth offers machines and systems of all sizes that are economical, precise, safe and energy-efficient. Rexroot hydraulic motor is also one of these products.

Rexroth hydraulic motor features

Fixed motor with axial cone piston rotary group with bent axis design A (A) 2FM, available for hydrostatic drives in open and closed circuits.

For use in mobile and stationary applications, output speed depends on pump flow and motor displacement. The output torque increases with the pressure difference between the high and low pressure sides.

The careful selection of offsets provided allows sizes to fit almost any application.

  • Series 6, size 16 to 180
  • Stationary motor with axial conical piston rotary group with bent shaft design
  • Open and closed circuits
  • High power density in small dimensions
  • Compact design

types of Rexroot hydraulic motor

  • Rexroth A2FM hydraulic motor
    Size 5 to 1000 cc
  • Rexroth A10FM hydraulic motor
    Size 18/23/2837/45/58/63
  • Rexroth A4FM hydraulic motor
    Size 22/28/40/56
  • Rexroth A6VM hydraulic motor
    A6VME from 28 to 200
    A6VM from 250 to 1000
  • Rexroth A10VM hydraulic motor
    Size 28/42/63

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