Drilling industry

Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) is a device used for tunnel drilling. Using a circular cross-section, this machine is capable of drilling in soil and rock layers. This type of machine is capable of making holes in any type of earth, from hard rock to sand. The tunnels created by this machine range from 1 meter (using micro-TBMs) to about 16 meters (modern TBMs).

Mechanized Drilling Process

The equipment is hydraulically and electrically powered and powered in the back-up unit.

The path is marked with a laser and the machine operator adjusts the drilling.

The cutting head is rotated by powerful motors and gearboxes and the thrust jacks are controlled by the propeller valves.

The cutter’s head is pushed forward so that the cutting discs hit the rock surface and crush them.

Shredded material is transferred to the drainage system. The cutter moves forward to a certain extent. It is then stopped and the segmentation and unloading of materials is performed. This operation is called a drilling course.

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