Oil and petrochemical industries

In reciprocating compressors in the oil and gas industry, the compressor is powered by a turbine and the lubrication system directly or indirectly supplies its propulsion from the compressor hose. The reciprocating hydraulic compressor, a separate cooling system with a single actuator, is responsible for cooling the compressor

Hydraulic equipment in oil and gas and petrochemical industries

Some of these equipments are oil and gas and hydraulic petrochemicals and work with new and modern technologies and technologies. Hydraulic equipment is usually used to transport and move gases and liquids because this is done with the least pressure on the pipes and tanks of these industries. Engines, pumps, valves, shoe pumps and many other such equipments in these industries are made with hydraulic technology.

 Among the hydraulic equipment in the oil industry are the following

  • Fluid transfer using a variety of hydraulic pumps
  • Inhibition of fluid flow by a variety of hydraulic valves
  • Using hydraulic lifts to transport personnel and load between floors of a power plant, oil rig or refinery.
  • Heavy and semi-heavy chisels for drilling
  • Gantry Cranes
  • Strand jack

In the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, one of the most important cases is the delivery of water to drills and drilling equipment. This is done by water pumps, which are produced and designed in a wide range of pumps that can use electric motors, combustion engines and hydraulics, the choice of driving force depends on the design and needs of the user.

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